How are you connected to the Women’s Foundation?
I was a homeless teenage mother of an infant daughter. I was helped by a program funded in part by the Women’s Foundation.

How did the Women’s Foundation help you?
Through the program, I gained the confidence to find a job and support myself and my daughter. The program helped me get a paid internship and learn other job skills.

How has the Women’s Foundation impacted your life?
My internship was with a local not for profit that helps homeless people.  After the internship ended, I decided to stay on as a volunteer. I love helping other people and hope to set up a program one day that will help children in our community.

How you feel about your life today?
Independent, positive, hopeful.

Who inspires you?
My case worker always believed in me and helped me when I had nowhere else to turn.

What is your motto?
Develop a passion for helping others.

Is there a special object in your purse that reminds you of how you were helped?
I always have a book in my bag because my daughter loves it when I read to her. It is a little reminder to myself that I will always be there for her no matter what.

What is your dream for the future?
To create a program that would help children in our community.