The Girls’ Grant Making Committee reviews grant proposals and determines funding for programs in our community that have proven successful in empowering and inspiring girls to overcome challenges to become economically self-sufficient.  The committee is allocated funds from the Women’s Foundation endowment for the grant awards.

The Girls’ Grant Making Committee provides teenage girls with hands-on experience in the philanthropic process and an understanding of community issues that affect their peers. Since 1997 the Girls’ Committee has awarded $90,000+ to programs that benefit at-risk girls. This experience builds their group process and writing skills, increases their comfort in being a leader, helps develop decision making skills and teaches them how philanthropy makes a difference in the lives of their peers. And looks great on a college resume.

The program begins in August with grant review training for the girls provided by Women’s Foundation Board Members. Below is the schedule:

Schedule for the 2018 Girls’ Grant Making Committee To Be Announced

For more information contact Alyssa Belasco: or call 585-242-0940