How are you connected to the Women’s Foundation?  
I attended the annual breakfast and became a donor.  Later, I served on the Executive Committee for six years, first as secretary and, eventually, as chair.

Why do you believe in the Women’s Foundation?
Because I believe it’s important to help women and girls become economically self-sustaining.

How has the Women’s Foundation impacted your life?  
I’ve had the chance to meet many wonderful like-minded women from the world of business and philanthropy, which was different than my background in health care.

How do you describe the feeling of supporting the Women’s Foundation?  
In one word: pleasure. I take great pleasure in seeing it grow beyond its original sponsors and become a real force for positive change in the lives of women in the Genesee Valley area.  The research work outlining the place of women in this region had implications far beyond the Women’s Foundation and that was a very good thing.

Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by the women of the Women’s Foundation itself.

What’s your favorite quote?
Susan B. Anthony’s “Every woman deserves a purse of her own.”

What object in your purse or in your life symbolizes how things have changed for you since you became associated with WFGV?
I make many of my own purses, so I’d have to say the purse itself!

What is your hope or dream for the future?
I hope that the Women’s Foundation can continue to help women and girls achieve the success and happiness that I’ve been able to achieve in my own life.