Dead­line for 2014 Grant Pro­pos­als is June 2.

Since 1994 the Women’s Foun­da­tion has invested over $1M to com­mu­nity pro­grams that give a hand up to women and their fam­i­lies who are strug­gling to sur­vive. On behalf of the women and girls we serve, we sin­cerely thank our donors for pro­vid­ing the oppor­tu­nity to make last­ing social change in our community.

Grant FAQ

What does the WFGV do?

The Women’s Foun­da­tion of Gene­see Val­ley cre­ates and man­ages a per­ma­nent endow­ment fund to per­pet­u­ate grant-making explic­itly for women and girls; leads the way in fund­ing and advo­cat­ing for pro­grams that sup­port growth and eco­nomic self-sufficiency for women; and mod­els equi­table part­ner­ships that encour­age diver­sity and inclusivity.

Who is eli­gi­ble for a WFGV grant?
Orga­ni­za­tions eli­gi­ble for a Women’s Foun­da­tion Grant must:
Pro­pose a project that fits within the mis­sion and scope of our fund­ing guide­lines.
Be located in Mon­roe, Ontario, Wayne, Gene­see, Orleans, Yates, and/or Liv­ingston County, New York and serve women or girls within those counties.

Be a tax-exempt, not-for-profit orga­ni­za­tion under the Inter­nal Rev­enue Code, sec­tion 501©(3). How­ever, your orga­ni­za­tion may use another tax-exempt, not-for-profit agency as your fis­cal agent. In this case your orga­ni­za­tion must still meet the require­ments nec­es­sary to apply for tax-exempt status.

Lim­ited equip­ment expenses will be con­sid­ered, but only if equip­ment expense is directly related to pro­gram pro­vi­sion, and not for admin­is­tra­tive or orga­ni­za­tional staff purposes.

NOTE: The Women’s Foun­da­tion does not make grants to indi­vid­u­als or endow­ments or for reli­gious or polit­i­cal pur­poses, nor does it fund any cap­i­tal expenses. The Women’s Foun­da­tion does not award schol­ar­ships to indi­vid­u­als or groups.

What is the time­line for 2014 grants?
The Women’s Foun­da­tion of Gene­see Val­ley (WFGV) is pleased to announce that we will be accept­ing pro­pos­als for our Annual Grant-making Pro­gram from not-for-profit orga­ni­za­tions in Gene­see, Mon­roe, Liv­ingston, Ontario, Orleans, Yates, and Wayne Coun­ties due on June 2, 2014. The Foun­da­tion will notify all appli­cants of the out­come of our review process in mid-October 2014. Grants will be announced at the Annual Women’s Foun­da­tion Break­fast in October.

What are the fund­ing pri­or­i­ties for 2014?
Based on the results of our research report, Improv­ing Eco­nomic Self-Sufficiency, we are specif­i­cally inter­ested in fund­ing pro­grams that help sup­port women’s progress towards eco­nomic self-sufficiency. Our goal is to fund pro­grams assessed to have the high­est like­li­hood of hav­ing a direct pos­i­tive impact on the eco­nomic sta­tus of women. Eco­nomic self-sufficiency is defined in terms of income ade­quacy; that is, the level of income nec­es­sary to meet basic needs. Our 2014 fund­ing pri­or­i­ties are: to pro­mote sus­tained eco­nomic self-sufficiency of women and to assist women and girls in mov­ing toward achiev­ing eco­nomic self-sufficiency.
You may a down­load a copy of the report here.

How do I apply for a grant?
The Foun­da­tion requires sub­mis­sion of an amended (shorter) form of the Rochester Area Com­mon Appli­ca­tion. Appli­ca­tions should be sub­mit­ted with­out Sec­tion 3 (Logic Model), and with Sec­tion 4 (Ratio­nale) lim­ited to 4 pages. All other com­po­nents of the Com­mon Appli­ca­tion are required.

The Rochester Area can be down­loaded here:  Com­mon Appli­ca­tion Form . One elec­tronic copy of the com­pleted appli­ca­tion (omit­ting Sec­tion 3 and lim­it­ing Sec­tion 4 to 4 pages) is to be emailed to the office of the Women’s Foun­da­tion ( by June 2, 2014. In addi­tion, one (1) com­plete paper copy of the pro­posal, includ­ing all the items out­lined in the Grant Pro­posal Check List below, must be sent to the Women’s Foun­da­tion offices at 277 Alexan­der St. Suite 305, Rochester, New York 14607, post­marked no later than Mon­day, June 2, 2014. The Grant-making Com­mit­tee pre­pares a fund­ing rec­om­men­da­tion that is reviewed and approved by the Foun­da­tion Board of Direc­tors. All appli­cants will be noti­fied of the out­come of our review process in mid Octo­ber 2014.

What follow-up is required after a grant has been awarded?
The Women’s Foun­da­tion may request a site visit and/or addi­tional infor­ma­tion at any time after the grant has been awarded. All grantees are expected to mon­i­tor their projects closely. At the end of your project, we require that a writ­ten report be sub­mit­ted within 60 days. This report should assess out­comes vs. objec­tives and how out­comes link to eco­nomic self-sufficiency. All grantees will be assigned a liai­son from the Women’s Foun­da­tion who main­tains direct con­tact with the agency to pro­vide ongo­ing review of pro­gram accom­plish­ments and outcomes.

Grant Pro­posal Checklist

Before you send us your appli­ca­tion, check it to see that it includes these elements

  • Exec­u­tive Summary
  • Infor­ma­tion Sheet
  • Ratio­nale (lim­ited to 4 pages)
  • Bud­get Sheet
  • Finan­cial Sum­mary of Most Recent Fis­cal Year
  • IRS Deter­mi­na­tion Letter
  • Board of Direc­tors List
  • Audited Finan­cial Statements
  • Annual Report
  • For cur­rent (2013) grant hold­ers — a copy of the 2013 six month evaluation

Grant-making Assis­tance

If you would like more infor­ma­tion about our appli­ca­tion require­ments or our grant-making process, please call the Women’s Foun­da­tion at 585–242-0940 or e-mail the Foun­da­tion at